Exploring the Diverse Styles of AI Art

The use of artificial intelligence technology is growing rapidly. Over 250 million companies across different industries already use AI, including the arts. AI in art combines human creativity with the power of machines to produce images. AI art’s ability to create visually stunning and innovative artworks has gained popularity. 

However, what exactly is AI art?  What art styles can it produce? Discover the answers to these intriguing questions in this article.

Artistry in Algorithms: Uncovering the Variety of AI Art Styles

AI art uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce artwork. It involves the following steps: 

  • First, a dataset of images is collected. The collected images serve as training data for neural networks. 
  • Next, the AI model is trained around this dataset, where it learns to recognize and extract image features. 
  • Once trained, new images are generated through the network by expanding from those learned features. 

Creating an AI-generated artwork is repetitive, as the network continuously generates and refines images until it achieves the desired result. 

Top AI image generators can produce multiple AI art styles—from classic painting to modern art. Name it, and they have it! Each style gives the users with countless creative possibilities. 

Here are 20 popular art styles you should watch out for: 

  1. Impressionism: small & thin brush strokes with a focus on light 
A sample image of a black cat in impressionist style
  1. Cubism: presented by objects from various angles
A photo of a black cat in cubist style
  1. Realism: resembles photograph and focuses on accuracy
A realist image of a black cat
  1. Surrealism: represents bizarre and dream-like images
A surrealist photo of a black cat
  1. Expressionism: focuses on emotional experience
An image of a black cat in expressionist style
  1. Minimalism: shows simple shapes & monochrome colors
A minimalist image of a black cat
  1. Landscape and Nature: illustrations that depict botanical landscapes and art
A photo of a black cat in landscape and nature style 
  1. Pixel Art: blocky, retro aesthetic, early video game graphics
A pixelized image of a black cat
  1. Cartoon and Comics: illustrations from manga & comic books
A black cat in comic style 
  1. Art Deco: rich colors and bold geometric shapes
Art deco image of a black cat
  1. Geometric and Fractal Art: abstract art with geometric forms
A geometrical image of a cat
  1. Pop Art: modern images in vibrant and colorful style
A pop-art image of a black cat
  1. Photorealism: resembles high-resolution and detailed photos 
A photo of a black cat in photorealist style
  1. GAN Art: innovative and non-traditional styles
An image of a black cat in GAN art style
  1. Sci-Fi and Fantasy: concept art & surreal fantasy
A photo of a black cat in fantasy style
  1. Optical Art: tends towards abstract patterns & contrast colors
Optical image of a black cat
  1. Renaissance: realistic portrayals of the human figure
A renaissance photo of a black cat
  1.  Avant-Garde: innovative art that pushes boundaries
An image of a black cat in an avant-garde style 
  1. Rococo: theatrical style of decoration
An image of a black cat in Rococo style
  1. Portrait: focuses on face & expression
A portrait of a black cat

Whether you are a newbie or a professional, you are free to explore new aesthetics, experiment with different styles, and push the limits of your imagination—all with AI art.


AI art has immense potential to create visually stunning and thought-provoking artworks in various art styles. By combining the power of AI with human creativity, AI art can generate unique and innovative pieces that captivate viewers and spark new conversations. 

The impact of AI art in the future is still unfolding, which leaves us wondering about the role of technology and its relationship with human creativity. How can both of them bring out the best in each other?


What is the best AI art design? 

The best AI art design is subjective and depends on individual preferences. AI art offers various styles and aesthetics, allowing artists and viewers to explore different artistic expressions.

What are the styles of AI images? 

There are numerous styles for AI images, such as digital art, optic art, watercolor, minimalism, pop art, and more. Each style has its own unique characteristics and creative possibilities.

What is the most realistic AI art?
The realism of AI art depends on the prompts and results. ArtSmart offers several realistic AI art tools to achieve the most realistic results.

Can AI do different art styles?
Yes, AI can be trained to generate different art styles by learning from existing artworks. AI algorithms can mimic various artistic styles by analyzing patterns and features in the training data.

Can you sell AI art?
Most definitely! AI art can be sold. There is a growing market for AI-generated artworks, with collectors and enthusiasts interested in unique and innovative pieces. Online platforms and art galleries allow artists to showcase and sell AI art.

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