Artsmart’s AI Logo Maker: More Creative than Picasso?

Creating a logo is all that stands between you and the riches of your new venture - (I'm starting Airbnb for Cat Walking)! Unfortunately however making a logo is often a journey fraught with frustration and endless high-cost revisions.

And we know this is a big problem because it's the number one upvoted feature request on our roadmap!

But what if there was a way to streamline this creative process, making it as simple as typing out a description and clicking a few buttons?

Enter "Artsmart's AI Logo Maker", the AI-powered text-to-logo creation tool!

How To Use Art Smart AI Logo Generation
  • Go to AI Logo Maker website.
  • Enter Your Brand Name & Select Your Preference: Simply enter your brand name and follow your preferred logo style.
  • Making Adjustments: Click Remix to get a variety of your chosen logo.
  • Choose Your Favourite Logo: Once you pick the preferred one, you can download your logo in a JPG or SVG format. It's now ready to represent your brand to the world.

ArtSmart's AI Logo Maker delivers crisp creative logos that even Picasso couldn't have dreamt up!

What are you waiting for?

Hope you love this new feature as much as we do - we look forward to helping with the pesky first step of starting your next business or brand! Drop us some feedback either on Discord or shoot us an email at Your thoughts and insights are incredibly valuable to us!


For a full overview of how this feature works check our continuously updated documentation below logo is an AI image generator that creates awesome, realistic images from simple text and image prompts.

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