How to Use an AI Art Generator? [A Beginner’s Guide]

AI art generators are innovative tools that use AI algorithms to generate unique and creative artworks. Whether an experienced artist or a complete beginner, AI art generators offer a new and exciting way to explore your artistic abilities. 

Most AI art generators utilize cutting-edge machine-learning techniques to analyze patterns, textures, and styles. They let users experiment with various artistic elements in unprecedented ways.

Discover how to use an AI art generator to unleash your creativity!

Step-by-Step Guide on Making Art with AI Art Generator 

Creating art with AI art generators can be challenging and satisfying. These tools can make some parts of the creation process easier, but understanding them takes trial and error. 

Don’t worry! Start mastering the use of AI art generators with the steps below. 

Getting Started

Creating AI art is a simple and intuitive process. The first step is choosing the right tool, and numerous AI art generators are available online. 

Some of the most popular AI art generators include ArtSmart, Dall-E, and Midjourney. These platforms offer paid subscriptions that allow you to access advanced features. They also generally produce higher-quality images with better resolution and zero watermarks. 

Other AI image generators have free trials, but the features are limited. The quality of results may be lower than the paid ones. Moreover, the images generated by free tools usually include watermarks or ads.

đź“ť Note
Advanced features may be tricky to navigate for beginners. Familiarising yourself with the interface may require more time and skill. Choose a platform that best suits your needs and preferences. 

Crafting Your Prompt

Crafting a prompt is an essential part of using an AI art generator. A prompt is a guiding statement or image you provide to the AI generator, giving it an idea of the style or concept you want to incorporate into your artwork. 

Here are some tips for composing an effective prompt:

1. Be specific. 

Clearly define the elements of style you want the AI generator to focus on. These are some examples of creative prompts that you can use to generate AI images:

  • “a serene landscape with a clear blue sky and rolling hills"
  • "a futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers and flying cars”
  • "an enchanting forest with lush greenery and fairies"

Let’s do a sample step-by-step artwork generation using Artsmart. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in with your credentials
  2. On the left side, click on the Playground button. 
ArtSmart Sidebar
  1. Select Model and input your prompts in the text box. For example, the prompt is “purple butterfly with white stripes on its wings complete with nature background.”
  1. On NUM OUTPUTS, choose how many images you wish to generate. You can create up to 4 images at once. Note: Each image requires 1 credit.
  1. Click on Generate. 
Generated result from ArtSmart

When you choose to have multiple outputs, you will have the option to compare up to 4 models by clicking the Compare Models button under Select Model on the top left side. 

Comparing models in ArtSmart

Here are other things to remember when formulating a prompt for your AI art:

  • Use keywords: Including specific keywords in your prompt can help the AI generator understand your artistic vision better. For instance, if you want your artwork to include elements of nature, mention keywords like 'forest' or 'flowers.'
  • Exclude unwanted elements or input negative keywords: If you want to avoid certain elements or styles in your artwork, mention them in your prompt. This will help the AI generator generate artwork that aligns with your preferences.

By crafting a detailed and specific prompt, you can guide the AI art generator toward producing artwork that aligns with your artistic vision.

đź’ˇDid You Know?
In 2024, the funding for AI companies exceeded $31 billion. Majority of the funding goes to the continuous system of models like AI art generators. This is 

Generating and Refining Your AI Art

Once you have crafted your prompt and selected the desired settings, it's time to generate your artwork. Here are some tips for generating and refining your artwork using an AI art generator:

1. Experiment with different styles: Depending on the platform you're using, you may have the option to customize style, color palette, brush strokes, and more. Most AI art generators offer a wide range of artistic styles. This is the time to try different styles and see how they transform the image. Experiment with different styles to achieve your desired effect.

2. Repeat and refine: Generating artwork with AI is a recurring process. Take the time to analyze each generated artwork and identify areas for improvement. You don’t typically get the perfect result on the first try. Adjust the settings, refine your prompt, and re-generate the artwork until you get the image that you want.

3. Share and seek feedback: Once you're satisfied with your artwork, share it with others to get feedback. Online communities dedicated to AI art generation on Discord can provide valuable insights. Community participation can also inspire you to explore new techniques and styles.

By experimenting, refining, and seeking feedback, you can continuously improve your AI-generated artwork and discover new possibilities.


AI art generation opens creative possibilities that will let you explore unique styles and experiment with different artistic concepts. As you delve deeper into AI art generation, discover endless options with cutting-edge technology.

Remember to keep experimenting and refining your artwork. Embrace the process of learning and adapting, as each artwork contributes to your growth as an artist.

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