Number of ChatGPT Users in 2024

ChatGPT has picked 1 million users just 5 days after its launch. The versatility and usefulness of this AI tool are crucial for its explosive growth. Users from various industries and professions use ChatGPT for personal use and to boost their productivity at work.

Despite its popularity, ChatGPT experienced a decrease of 3.2% in both desktop and mobile visits. In addition, visitors' average time on the website decreased from 8.7 minutes in March 2024 to 7 minutes in August of the same year.

The decreasing performance of ChatGPT is one reason for the reduced number of users. In this article, discover the number of ChatGPT users, demography, and growth as of 2024

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  • ChatGPT's website accumulated over 14 billion visits.
  • The largest users by age group of ChatGPT visitors are from 25-34 years old, with a 34.82% share.
  • ChatGPT is available in about 162 countries as of 2024.
  • On average, users spend 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the ChatGPT websites.
  • 10 million downloads of ChatGPT applications are from Android, while 6.6 million are from Apple App Store.

How Many Users Does ChatGPT Have?

As of August 2024, ChatGPT has over 180.5 million active users. Also, as of September 2024, the website reportedly generated 1.5 billion visits.

In the next section, discover the latest statistics on the daily number of ChatGPT users, demography, and country usage rate.

How Many ChatGPT Daily Active Users Are There?

An average of about 13 million unique visitors used ChatGPT daily in January 2024. This number is more than double the number of users in December 2022.

Below are some statistics on ChatGPT users' growth in 2024

1. ChatGPT's website accumulated 14 billion visits.

(DemandSage, SimilarWeb)

ChatGPT gets an average of 60 million visits daily and a billion monthly views. About 88% of ChatGPT's traffic comes from direct sources, meaning that people type "ChatGPT" directly into their search engines.

Since its launch, the highest engagement of ChatGPT's websites was in May 2024, when it had 1.9 billion visits. See the table below for ChatGOT's Website visits over time:

MonthMonthly ChatGPT Visitors
October 20241.5 billion
September 20241.5 billion
August 20241.4 billion
July 20241.5 billion
June 20241.6 billion
May 20241.9 billion
April 20241.7 billion
March 20241.6 billion
February 20241 billion
January 2024616 million
December 2022266 million
November 2022152.7 million

2. About 55.99% of ChatGPT users are male, while 44.01% are female.


Globally, users are leveraging the power of AI through ChatGPT. Most users are male, with a share of 55.99%, while 44.01% are female.

đź’ˇ Did You Know?

Over 70% of enterprises, or 250 million worldwide, use Artificial intelligence. AI is increasingly becoming a household name for firms in cybersecurity, fraud management, content production, and customer support.

3. The largest users by age group of ChatGPT visitors are from 25-34 years old, with a 34.82% share.

(SimilarWeb, Statista)

Most ChatGPT users are between the ages of 25 and 34, followed by the youngest age group, those under 23. Here's a detailed look at the age demographic of ChatGPT users:

Age BracketShare
18 - 24 years27.7%
25 - 34 years34.82%
35 - 44 years18.28%
45 - 54 years10.11%
55 - 64 years5.67%
65+ years3.42% 

4. With a 14.82% share, the US is the top country sending traffic to the ChatGPT website.


The United States sent the largest traffic (14.82%) to the ChatGPT website, followed by India and other countries in September 2024. Here's a closer look at the ChatGPT's traffic rate by country.

CountryTraffic Rate
United States14.83%
Other countries66.2%

5. ChatGPT is available in about 161 countries as of 2024.


ChatGPT is available in several regions, including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Although many countries can access the website, some significant countries still lack access. These are the following countries:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Ukraine (certain exception)
  • Iran
  • Belarus
  • Venezuela
  • Afghanistan

6. The US has 3.59 million active ChatGPT users.


The United States has the most ChatGPT active users among the top countries as of 2024. Brazil and Germany follow it. Here's a table depicting the number of ChatGPT users:

CountryNumber of Active Users
United States3.59 million
Brazil1.31 million

7. On average, users spend 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the ChatGPT website.


Users spend an average of 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the website, with a low bounce rate of 38.67%. In addition, each ChatGPT visitor views an average of 4.58 pages per visit.

8. Over 85% of ChatGPT's traffic comes from direct sources.

(Demandsage, SimilarWeb)

There are several sources of traffic to the ChatGPT website. Most of these are direct sources, meaning users type in "ChatGPT" on search engines to access the platform.

Look at the different sources and their percentage share:

Traffic sources to ChatGPT% of Traffic
Organic Search3.79%
Paid SearchLess than 0.01%

9. More than 58% of the social media traffic on ChatGPT is from YouTube.


Social media is powerful for driving website traffic. For ChatGPT, most of its social media traffic source is from YouTube. This is followed by WhatsApp web and Facebook.

Take a look at this table of the percentage of traffic to ChatGPT from different social media platforms.

Social Media Platform% of Traffic
WhatsApp Web11.17%

10. 10 million downloads of ChatGPT application from Android, while 6.6 million are from Apple App Store.


The ChatGPT application is available on both Android and iOS. Android has over 10 million downloads, while it has 6.6 million downloads from Apple App Store. In addition, ChatGPT's Android application has an average rating of 4.7/5 across 208,500+ reviews. For iOS applications, the rating is 4.8/5 across 56,000 reviews.


ChatGPT has become one of the most widely used chatbots due to its unique, intuitive language-generation technology. With its numerous benefits, more businesses and industries are using the technology in customer support, creativity, data analysis, website development, healthcare, content generation, etc.

The future of this technology is very optimistic, as the number of users and visits to the website continues to increase by the second.

FAQs on the Number of ChatGPT Users in 2024

Is ChatGPT the fastest-growing company?

ChatGPT has been one of the fastest-growing consumer internet apps since its launch, reaching an estimated million monthly users in just two months.

Is ChatGPT profitable?

OpenAI has projected $200 million in revenue in 2024. According to predictions, the company will generate more than $1 billion annually by 2024.

What is the growth rate of ChatGPT?

Website visitors increased from 1.43 billion in August 2024 to 1.5 billion in September 2024. The number of users also increased from 100 million in January 2024 to 180.5 million by August 2024.



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