Improved AI Avatar Generator | Text to Personal Photographer is Here

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Buckle up, buttercup! The future of self-love, identity theft, and digital debauchery is here, and it's all thanks to the mind-blowing magic of version 2 AI avatar generators ... now available in BETA direct from the playground!

(Kidding about identity theft - be nice to each other!)

Trust us, once you dive into the wacky world of our improved AI avatars, you'll never want to go back to your boring, real-world-phone-selfie existence.

Alright, now that we've got your attention: On to the news!

Tunes are now AI Avatars

Let's make a quick vocab change! We tried to call it tunes to honor the technology that transforms your selfies into digital ai outputs. People just didn't get it. So here's to honoring intuition - Tunes are now called Ai Avatars across the apps and docs!

Ai Avatars are Now Part of your Subscription

To compound the confusion we had a super complicated credit system before that no one understood, designed by yours truly (queue the standing ovation).

TLDR; Now all your monthly credits can be used for ai avatar generations or general text to image credits! Also you wont have to purchase a one off "ai avatar" (previously called tune) separately

Your ai character will be included in your single monthly subscription and it will be recurring monthly!

In summary

Tune Credits = AI Avatars

Tune Image Credits = AI Avatar Photos

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Old Pricing vs New pricing

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AI Avatars now available in the Playground

We previously had your AI Avatars hidden in the app. But everyone got used to operating in the playground.

And once you select your AI Character artsmart will popup a big list of templates to assist with prompting on the right side!

On top of this theres a lot of cool features available in playground to help you adjust your prompts and improve your images that aren't available in out old tunes batch creator.

[insert video of pose control features]

Now you can select your ai character direct from the model selection drop down.

Don't worry Tunes Batch Tool is now AI Character Creator and can still be used!


AI Characters v2 | Better AI Avatar Photos from better AI Models

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We've been deep in the matrix improving the AI intelligence of our Avatar Models! This is a big upgrade - you can expect more photorealistic outputs and higher image quality!

If you've already created AI Characters with our old tune models we're offering the ability to quickly convert your old tunes to the latest version of our ai characters.

Simply click "convert to v2"

Until may 31st we are offering free updates of your old tune models to the most recent version of AI characters v2!

So What's Possible?

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Branded marketing material

Improved dating profiles

How to Create your AI Avatars

Not much has changed honestly. The same simple process to create your ai avatars is still available!

What's next?

Teaser of ai avatar video generation

Share pics and videos to social media


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