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Appsumo FAQs

AppSumo Code

What is AppSumo Code ?

AppSumo code refers to a unique alphanumeric code or coupon provided by the AppSumo platform. It is a promotional code that can be used to access exclusive deals, discounts, or special offers on various products and services.


In the context of ArtSmart, an AppSumo code can be redeemed to gain credits or other perks associated with the Basic Plan of ArtSmart AI platform.

How can I obtain the code?

To obtain the code for ArtSmart, you can participate in the AppSumo campaign where ArtSmart is being offered. The code will be provided to you upon successful purchase through AppSumo.

How many codes can I redeem for one account?

You can redeem and stack up to a maximum of 4 codes for a single ArtSmart account. Each code that you redeem will contribute to your tier status, and you will receive benefits based on your tier level. For more detailed overview of the benefits offered in each tier, We recommend referring to the ArtSmart Tier System section in this documentation

How many credits is the AppSumo code equivalent to?

AppSumo codes are not directly equivalent to ArtSmart credits. An AppSumo code can be regarded as a package that includes unique perks or advantages (such as ArtSmart credits). The more codes you redeem, the greater benefits you receive.

To get an overview of what you will receive by redeeming a certain amount of AppSumo codes, please refer to the ArtSmart Tier System. It provides detailed information on the benefits associated with each redemption level.

Which plan will I be assigned to after redeeming an AppSumo code?

Instead of mapping Sumo-lings to specific plans available in ArtSmart, we have implemented a Tier System to incorporate the benefits of AppSumo credits. This tier system operates independently of the existing ArtSmart plans outlined here.

📌You will gain access to all features that are comparable to those included in the Basic Plan. However, please note that it does not automatically enroll you in that plan. All the credits you receive from AppSumo LTD will be treated as lifetime credits and refilled on the first day of each month.

ArtSmart Tier System

You can stack multiple AppSumo code redemption, and we have implemented tier system to support this practice of code stacking. Below is a table that outlines and explains the benefits for each tier:

Number of AppSumo Codes RedeemedMapped toBenefit
1Tier 1750 Playground Credits
2Tier 21500 Playground Credits
3Tier 33000 Playground Credits 1 Tune Credits 64 Tune Image Credits
4Tier 45000 Playground Credits 2 Tune Credits 128 Tune Image Credits

Depending on your AppSumo Tier, you will receive a certain amount of credits, which are automatically refilled on the first day of each month.

To delve deeper into the three types of credits mentioned earlier, please to visit the following link for a more comprehensive understanding: [https://artsmart.ai/docs/pricing-and-credits/].

If the current Tier does not meet your credit needs, you may want to think about purchasing a recurring subscription. In this case, credits from recurring subscriptions will be added to your Appsumo Tier.

By opting for the higher recurring plan, you will gain access to all the features offered in that plan.

In case you choose to cancel your recurring subscription, rest assured that all your Appsumo credits will stay in your account, and you will continue to have access to all features that are comparable to those offered in the Basic Plan.

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What features do I have access to after redeeming an AppSumo code?

No matter how many codes you redeem, you will gain access to a comprehensive set of features that are comparable to those included in the Basic Plan.

📌Please note that redeeming an AppSumo code does not automatically enroll you in a specific plan.

These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Text to Image Generate AI image based on text prompts
  • Image to Image: Inspiration Image + Text Generate AI image close to reference image
  • Image to Prompt Get a related text descriptions or prompts that capture the content or style of the image
  • Inpainting Filling in missing or damaged parts of an image with plausible content
  • Outpainting - expand borders w/ AI Extend beyond the boundaries: generate additional content that is coherent and consistent with the style and context of the original image
  • Image Upscaler Increase the size and level of detail in your images up to 3x
  • Face Enhance Enhance and improve the quality of facial details in an image
  • PoseCopycat Copy the Character Pose from another image and expect the similar pattern in the background
  • PosePerfect Manipulate a digital skeleton for absolute control over how the character should be posed with ease
  • Background Remover Automatically remove the background from an image, leaving only the foreground object or subject
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Should I use the same email as my AppSumo account to redeem the code?

No, it is not necessary to use the same email as your AppSumo account to redeem the code. Your AppSumo account and ArtSmart account are not linked, so you have the flexibility to use any email you prefer. The important thing is that you have the code and you can redeem it in your ArtSmart account.

Can I use the same code for multiple ArtSmart accounts?

No, each code can only be redeemed in one ArtSmart account and cannot be used for multiple accounts. Once a code has been redeemed, it is tied to that specific ArtSmart account.

📌If you are looking to stack the code instead, you can find more information here

Can I add more codes after the AppSumo campaign ends?

If you are referring to purchasing additional codes after the AppSumo campaign ends, it is not possible for non-AppSumo Plus users. However, AppSumo Plus users may have the opportunity to access an extended grace period where they can purchase more codes even after the campaign has ended for 3 days from campaign end.

Regarding code stacking redemption, it is still possible even after the campaign ends. As long as you have a valid AppSumo code, you can redeem it at any time, regardless of the campaign end date.

📌ArtSmart does not impose restrictions on when you can redeem the code, allowing you to utilize your AppSumo codes whenever you choose.

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How do I redeem the code?

Redeem through the redemption link (simple and fast)

1. Prepare the AppSumo code(s) you want to redeem.

2. Open your browser and visit the following link: https://artsmart.ai/appsumo/{APPSUMO_CODE}

3. If prompted, register or log in to your ArtSmart account and follow the provided steps. The redemption process will automatically continue once you have completed the registration or login.

4. Once the process is complete, check if your code redemption was successful.

5. Repeat the same process to redeem and stack any additional AppSumo codes you have.

Redeem through the ArtSmart account settings

  1. Prepare the AppSumo code(s) you want to redeem.
  2. Open your browser and visit the following link: https://artsmart.ai/appsumo/{APPSUMO_CODE}
  3. If prompted, register or log in to your ArtSmart account and follow the provided steps. The redemption process will automatically continue once you have completed the registration or login.
  4. Once the process is complete, check if your code redemption was successful.
  5. Repeat the same process to redeem and stack any additional AppSumo codes you have.

Redeem through the ArtSmart account settings

1. Log in to your ArtSmart account. If you don't have an account, you can register.

💡 It is not necessary to use the same email as your AppSumo account.

2. Locate your avatar in the top right corner of the page.

3. Click on your avatar and choose "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

4. In the settings popup, navigate to the "AppSumo" tab.

5. Enter your valid AppSumo code into the provided field.

6. Click "Redeem" to proceed with the redemption process.

7. Once the process is complete, check if your code redemption was successful.

8. Repeat the steps to stack additional AppSumo codes if desired.

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How Can I Determine If My AppSumo Code Redemption Was Successful?

There are several indicators to confirm that you have successfully redeemed an AppSumo code:

1. Confirmation Message: After redeeming the code, you will receive an immediate confirmation message indicating the success of the redemption process.

2. Increased Credit Balance: Your credit balance will increase by the amount specified for the redeemed code. You can check your current credit balance in the top right corner of the ArtSmart platform.

3. Tier Status: If applicable, you will see your current tier status in the "AppSumo" section of your account settings. This indicates that your redemption has been recognized and has contributed to your tier benefits.

4. Redemption History: The "AppSumo" tab in your account settings will display a history of your code redemptions. Make sure that the redeemed code is listed in this section

By observing these indicators, you can ensure that your AppSumo code has been successfully redeemed, and the corresponding benefits have been applied to your ArtSmart account.

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Why are the credits not appearing after redemption?

If you have redeemed an AppSumo code but are not seeing the corresponding credits in your account, please follow these steps:

  1. First you have to ensure that your redemption process was successful by referring to the guide provided here: How Can I Determine If My AppSumo Code Redemption Was Successful?.
  2. If most of the indicators mentioned in the guide have been checked off, but your credits are still not appearing, please contact our support team for further assistance. They will be able to investigate the matter and provide you with the necessary solutions.

Credit System

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What is a Credit?

In general, the term "credit" typically refers to Playground Credits, which corresponds to a single image generation from a prompt using default settings.

Apart from Playground Credits, ArtSmart offers two additional types of credits: Tune Credits and Tune Image Credits. These credits are specifically tailored for the Tunes feature.

To gain further insight into the various types of credits utilized in ArtSmart, you can visit the following link for more detailed information: [https://artsmart.ai/docs/pricing-and-credits/].

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When are Playground Credits Used ?

Playground credits are exclusively utilized when you engage with ArtSmart's AI tools, whether it be on the Playground page or through the ArtSmart API (requires at least the Standard Plan), which can be easily integrated into your own project.

Below is an overview of the credit usage for each available AI tool:

AI ToolCredit Cost per Image
Text to Image1 - 10
Upscale1 - 2
Face Enhance1
Remove Background [beta]1

For full overview of credit consumption see the docs here

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How many credits are required to generate an image on ArtSmart?

Generally, each image costs 1 credit. However, the cost may increase depending on the settings you adjust. The primary factors affecting credit consumption are the image resolution and the number of steps selected in the process. The size of your prompt has no bearing on the credit.

📌512 px x 512 px and less than 50 steps are the default settings. Our experience has shown that these settings are more than sufficient to achieve a good quality image.

As you increase the steps beyond 50 or make images larger than 512 x 512 you may be charged more credits

# Number of Steps
Image Resolution≤ 5051 - 100101 - 150
512 x 512124
512 x 768124
512 x 1024126
768 x 768126
768 x 1024128
1024 x 10242410

For full overview of credit consumption see the docs here

☝Tip: If you’d like to experiment but conserve credits create we suggest using the standard settings then when you find an image you like use the upscaler to increase the image resolution.

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What does "step" refer to in the credit system?

The term "step" refers to the number of iterations or stages involved in the generation process which play a crucial role in determining the final output of the generated images.

💡Fewer steps retain more of the original image's characteristics, while more steps result in a stronger and more stylized output.

The number of steps can be adjusted based on your artistic preferences and desired outcome for your generated images. This adjustment gives you precise control over the level of transformation and the extent to which the initial image embraces the chosen artistic style.

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Do my Credits Rollover?

It is important to emphasize that all credits obtained through AppSumo code redemption have a lifetime validity. However, due to the accumulation of credits over a lifetime and the high cost of AI servers, it is not feasible to provide unlimited lifetime access to credits

The credits in ArtSmart are allocated on a monthly basis, and they reset at the beginning of each month. This means that any unused credits from the previous month will not carry over to the next month.

When Do My Monthly Credits Reset?

Your monthly credits will be reset at the beginning of each month.

📌Please note that the term "monthly credits" specifically refers to the credits obtained through the purchase of a recurring plan, and it does not apply to credits obtained through AppSumo code redemption.

Image Generation

How do I see my Previously Generated Images?

You’re previous images are in my profile grouped together and in the playground in the right flyout menu under my images!

Here’s a quick video overview!


Can personal images be converted into AI images?

Yes, personal images can be converted into AI-generated images. ArtSmart offers a feature called Tunes that allows you to transform your personal images, such as selfies, into AI avatars. Simply upload your image, choose an artistic style, and the AI algorithm will analyze the content and apply the selected style to generate a transformed image.

💡You can learn more about how to use the Tunes feature and explore its capabilities here

But If you're looking for even more functionality beyond converting your personal images into avatars, ArtSmart also offers other exciting features. For example, the PoseCopyCat and PosePerfect features, currently available in beta, allow you to replicate poses or clone your image. These features can be useful for various creative projects or simply having fun with your images.

Legal and Commercial

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Do we have Commercial Rights?


You have 100% commercial rights (ownership) - you can use generated images anywhere.

Monetizing celebrities public figures and other notable fictional characters that are the creation of others could get you in trouble.

Creating realistic images with the intent to deceive others that a fictional event took place that didn’t occur in reality could result in defamation (aka hurting someones reputation). Honestly though the models are not exactly capable of producing deep fake images so not much to worry about here YET. The models do improve quickly.

However you free to meme for non monetary purpose.

For an in depth view please see OpenRAIL-M license

OpenRail-M License for Stable Diffusion Models

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Artists and Royalties for the Training Data

We're using models from stable diffusion under the openrail-m license.

This is an area of big debate right now. Some bright minds will sort through the legal frameworks and ethics in the upcoming year or two I'm sure. Currently not a lot of legality exists considering how new the space is. We have every intention of complying with the regulation as it evolves.

If you’re very concerned about this issue, I think this video explains the current state of affairs better than I possibly can!

Got further insight into the AI art copyright debate that we’re not aware of? Please contact us at cs@artsmart.ai

Also here is the founder of Stable Diffusion discussing this issue and the opt-in, opt out for artists. Once we get the full list of opt-out artists we will apply.

Update: 2/27/2023

News on opt out and ideas for crawling adding non crawlable data to feed machine learning models in robots.txt

Currently there is no regulation for AI generated imagery given the technology is so new.

It is being legally debated at the moment. My personal view is that the US courts will ultimately decide not to stifle innovation. If you'd like to heir on the side of caution I think a conservative approach is to avoid using these kind of technologies for commercial purposes until there is clear regulation in place.

If any regulation emerges Artsmart.ai will of course comply completely and I will continue to evolve the docs as the debate brings up new points to keep the community in the know.

How do I make a …

How do I make a logo, icon, website, cartoon etc

As all the artsmarties are starting to get the hang maneuver ArtSmart a lot questions have emerged around how to generate specific needs like websites, logos, cartoons.

Much like photoshop is a tool with endless workflows and possibilities ArtSmart has a lot of functions to get you the output you want.

Lets call these workflows

As much as we’d love to help assist you on every question in regards to creating the perfect output we just don’t currently have the people to do it.


  1. Workflows on the Roadmap: start adding workflows to the roadmap and we’ll try to tackle the ones that help the most people by building high quality tutorials! https://app.artsmart.ai/roadmap
    1. Example a lot of people asked about logos and while this probably requires a pre-trained model we can get some decent outputs with what currently exists.
  2. Community Discussion: We just opened a workflows channel in our discord (join here)! Lets have the community help each other in discovering workflows!
  1. Stable Diffusion Forum: The stable diffusion reddit forum is a great place to get workflow ideas and learn a lot! https://www.reddit.com/r/StableDiffusion/?f=flair_name%3A"Workflow Included"


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What is a Tune?

The images you generate from the playground are created from a neural network trained on millions of images.

It’s kind of like a brain that has absorbed lots of bits of knowledge.

When we use the Tune feature in ArtSmart we are essentially giving the AI a NEW piece of knowledge to understand.

Example: You upload 20 pictures of yourself and we train the original ArtSmart general knowledge to understand what YOU look like.

Now that the neural network understands you! It can start putting you in the context of all it’s other knowledge, like you in a world war 2 uniform.

Here’s some examples


Prompt: Josh as a world war two soldier, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, medium shot, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by Krenz Cushart and Artem Demura and alphonse mucha

The Artsmart neural network already understood what a man is, what style of clothing ww2 soldiers wore. Then we taught it what a Josh is and it easily put it all together.

Tuning is extremely powerful and Artsmart we are just scratching the surface of possibilities!

Currently you can train models to be a man or woman. We are examining further how to train objects for things like product photography.

➡️Learn more about Tunes: Create Your AI Avatars

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Do I get tunes with Appsumo with my Appsumo Code?

There are few way’s to get tunes with the appsumo deal.

Tunes included in Appsumo

If you stack 3 or more codes you’ll get access to tunes in your plan

Stack 3 codes: You get 1 tune

Stack 4 codes: You get 2 tunes

tunes are not recurring unfortunately

Tunes Pay as you Go 50% off for Sumolings

We understand many may want to experiment with tunes but aren’t willing to stack 3+ appsumo codes. To manage this we have made all artsmart products 50% off for anyone that has applied a single appsumo code.

Tune with 64 tune images = $7

Extra Tune images credits (104 images) = $3.50

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Are my Tunes via Appsumo recurring or one-time only?

A bit of vocabulary is required here.

Tune: The ai model that is trained on what your look like

Tune Images: Tune images are the images that are generated from your tunes.

TLDR; Tunes are designed for one-time usage and are not set to renew monthly. The Tune credit in your account has no expiry date, however, once you train a tune using the feature, it will be removed from your account after 30 days. Nevertheless, your tune images will be saved for as long as your account exists.

Once a Tune is created, you cannot make any changes to the photos included in it, such as adding, removing, or replacing them. Additionally, it is not possible to retrain the Tune with new images.

However, you can generate more Avatars using different prompts within the existing Tune, which will result in creating different characters based on the same Tune.

If you wish to train a new Tune with new images, you will need to purchase a new Tune from our app website at https://artsmart.ai/pricing.

Once the Tune will be deleted, it becomes unusable for generating AI Avatars. To extend the storage duration of your tune models beyond 30 days and retain them, you can choose our "Standard" or "Business" Plans, which offer the "Tune Storage" feature.

Training AI model is resource intensive.

AI servers are quite a bit more expensive than standard servers. To give you an idea AI servers charge an hourly rate instead of a monthly rate.

On top of this each time we create a tune we recreate and save an entirely new AI neural network.

The tune needs to understand everything in the world plus you in conjunction with everything in the world. Long story short .. tune storage is very expensive as well.

If you'd like more tunes considering purchasing them at 50% (special appsumo promotion) through our pricing page.

This makes extra tunes $7 (50% off $14) - you get 64 images output on this by default. If you'd like more 104 more tune outputs appsumo users can purchase these at $3.50 (50% off for appsumo users) on the already trained model. Here you can generate with your own prompts!

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Can I include two persons for the avatar models?

Currently, our Tunes only support the creation of individual avatars based on single-person input. We do not have the capability to include multiple persons for Tune models.


Do I get access to the ArtSmart API with this deal?

ArtSmart does have an API for playground credits but it's not available in the AppSumo tiers due to the potential for abuse.

Thought about it pretty hard and found that small payment monthly prevents all kinds of abuse opportunities.

The good news is with the 50% off for Sumo-lings and adding the AppSumo credits on top of the recurring plan makes the pricing very accessible while putting up a barrier for those with abuse intent

Once you have an active recurring subscription, you can utilize all your AppSumo credits through the API. To access this functionality, you will need either the Standard Plan or the Business Plan. You can purchase the plan on our pricing page and learn more about subscriptions in documentation.

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How much does the API cost?

To better understand the cost of the API, let's consider the following example:

For instance, if you stack 4 codes and purchase a Standard Plan, you will receive 517 images for $1 when using the API.

📌Please note that purchasing a recurring plan is a requirement in order to access the API feature. You can find more information here.

Here are the details:

  • Total API calls available : 5000 + 2500 = 7500
  • Subscription cost: $14.50 (Standard Plan - 50% off for Sumo-lings)
  • Cost per API call: $14.50 / 7500 = $0.0019
  • API calls per $1: $1 / $0.0019 = 517

Please keep in mind that these numbers are just examples and actual costs may vary based on your specific usage and plan.

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How can I obtain the API token for ArtSmart?

To obtain your API token and integrate ArtSmart into your platform, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your ArtSmart account and navigate to “API Developer” page

2. Once the API documentation page opens, you will find a button in the top right corner of the documentation section.

📌 Please note that API access requires at least the Standard Plan. If the button says "Upgrade Plan," click on it and follow the purchase process to upgrade your plan.

3. Once you are on the right plan, the button should now say "API Token." Click on it.

4. A popup will appear, displaying your access token.

5. Copy the access token and use it as an example provided in the documentation.

📌If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding ArtSmart API integration please contact-our support. You might also like to join our api-help Discord channel. Our development team actively monitors the channel and will be available to assist you with any queries or discussions related to the API integration process.

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Can I use Tunes feature through the API?

Currently, the Tunes feature is not available through the API. However, we are planning to incorporate it into the API in the future. We are actively considering the best approach to include Tunes in our API offering for further accessibility and convenience.

What features are available through the ArtSmart API?

Currently, the ArtSmart API provides access to the following AI tools and features:

We are actively working on implementing another features such as Tunes: Create Your AI Avatars and Outpainting - expand borders w/ AI as soon as possible.

📌If you have any specific requests or ideas for features you would like to see added to the API, we encourage you to share them with us on our roadmap. Your input and feedback are valuable to us as we continue to enhance and expand the capabilities of the ArtSmart API.

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AppSumo Promotion (50% off)

50% off Promotion - Forever of Temporary?

We'll have to review the amount of purchases and server load after the campaign to understand if we can keep this offer in a sustainable way.

If we can do it we'll do it!

Good exposure for ArtSmart if we can.

To be on the safe side might be good to stock up on the pay as you go items!

Where do you get your models?

Models are released from stable diffusion as well as some other open sourced ones that we trained on top of for better outputs.

We hope to put a lot of research into model training after appsumo.

Whats the Difference between Artsmart.ai and X


Midjourney definitely has some great outputs and we have a lot of respect for what they are doing there.

It may make sense at some point for us to integrate with their AI models if they ever open up an api (no word on this at the moment as far as I know).

Here’s some area's Artsmart excels

Image Generation

  • image flexibility: Midjourney is pretty opinionated in what it outputs while the models artsmart is built on takes more nuanced prompts to deliver more controlled images.
  • inpainting: With artsmart you can add, remove, or change objects in an image with the inpaint feature.
  • img2img: As far as I know you can't influence midjourneys output with an input image like you can in artsmart


With the appsumo deal you are paying 1 time for access to large amount of images generations monthly.

Midjourney only offers recurring subscriptions.

Feature Set

  • Prompt Building assistance: Artsmart has a variety of tools in playground to help you assemble prompts
  • Explorer: Explorer allows you to search and
  • Community features: similar to twitter so you can find and follow good prompt engineers
  • Tune: Train the AI to understand new concepts like you and your friends and produce outputs. Here's some of my experiments. This far exceeds Midjourney's abilities.
    • Here’s some examples trained one me
  • API access (not in appsumo) but available for recurring users


Midjourney throttles your usage unless you pay a premium plan. Means your ouput image generations gets put to the back of the line behind the premium paid users. Artsmart doesn’t throttle.


Midjourney has a very simple interface through discord that really limits iteraing and improving images.

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How can I cancel my AppSumo Tier?

To cancel you AppSumo subscription you have to refund.

If you decide to refund, we’re sorry to hear that, but you can easily request a refund directly through your AppSumo account.

To request a refund:

  1. Go to the “Products” page of your AppSumo account.
  2. Select “Refund” under the Actions dropdown next to the product you want to return (note: this will be grayed out if your refund window has passed).
  3. Click the “Initiate refund” button under the refund instructions.
  4. Choose your refund method (if applicable) and click “Confirm and initiate refund” to finalize your refund.

As a reminder, all refunds are final. If you choose to complete a refund for your purchase, you will immediately lose access to the product and may not be able to purchase it again if that product has left AppSumo.