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Appsumo Tune FAQ’s

What is a Tune?

The images you generate from the playground are created from a neural network trained on millions of images.

It’s kind of like a brain that has absorbed lots of bits of knowledge.

When we use the Tune feature in ArtSmart we are essentially giving the AI a NEW piece of knowledge to understand.

Example: You upload 20 pictures of yourself and we train the original ArtSmart general knowledge to understand what YOU look like.

Now that the neural network understands you! It can start putting you in the context of all it’s other knowledge, like you in a world war 2 uniform.

Here’s some examples

⌨️Prompt: Josh as a world war two soldier, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, medium shot, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by Krenz Cushart and Artem Demura and alphonse mucha

The Artsmart neural network already understood what a man is, what style of clothing ww2 soldiers wore. Then we taught it what a Josh is and it easily put it all together.

Tuning is extremely powerful and Artsmart we are just scratching the surface of possibilities!

Currently you can train models to be a man or woman. We are examining further how to train objects for things like product photography.

➡️ Learn more about Tunes: Create Your AI Avatars

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Do I get tunes with Appsumo with my Appsumo Code?

There are few way’s to get tunes with the appsumo deal.

Tunes included in Appsumo

If you stack 3 or more codes you’ll get access to tunes in your plan

Stack 3 codes: You get 1 tune

Stack 4 codes: You get 2 tunes

tunes are not recurring unfortunately

Tunes Pay as you Go 50% off for Sumolings

We understand many may want to experiment with tunes but aren’t willing to stack 3+ appsumo codes. To manage this we have made all artsmart products 50% off for anyone that has applied a single appsumo code.

Tune with 64 tune images = $7

Extra Tune images credits (104 images) = $3.50

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Are my Tunes via Appsumo recurring or one-time only?

A bit of vocabulary is required here.

Tune: The ai model that is trained on what your look like

Tune Images: Tune images are the images that are generated from your tunes.

TLDR; Tunes are designed for one-time usage and are not set to renew monthly. The Tune credit in your account has no expiry date, however, once you train a tune using the feature, it will be removed from your account after 30 days. Nevertheless, your tune images will be saved for as long as your account exists.

Once a Tune is created, you cannot make any changes to the photos included in it, such as adding, removing, or replacing them. Additionally, it is not possible to retrain the Tune with new images.

However, you can generate more Avatars using different prompts within the existing Tune, which will result in creating different characters based on the same Tune.

If you wish to train a new Tune with new images, you will need to purchase a new Tune from our app website at https://artsmart.ai/pricing.

Once the Tune will be deleted, it becomes unusable for generating AI Avatars. To extend the storage duration of your tune models beyond 30 days and retain them, you can choose our "Standard" or "Business" Plans, which offer the "Tune Storage" feature.

Training AI model is resource intensive.

AI servers are quite a bit more expensive than standard servers. To give you an idea AI servers charge an hourly rate instead of a monthly rate.

On top of this each time we create a tune we recreate and save an entirely new AI neural network.

The tune needs to understand everything in the world plus you in conjunction with everything in the world. Long story short .. tune storage is very expensive as well.

If you'd like more tunes considering purchasing them at 50% (special appsumo promotion) through our pricing page.

This makes extra tunes $7 (50% off $14) - you get 64 images output on this by default. If you'd like more 104 more tune outputs appsumo users can purchase these at $3.50 (50% off for appsumo users) on the already trained model. Here you can generate with your own prompts!

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Can I include two persons for the avatar models?

Currently, our Tunes only support the creation of individual avatars based on single-person input. We do not have the capability to include multiple persons for Tune models.