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What is a Tune?

What is a Tune?

The images you generate from the playground are created from a neural network trained on millions of images.

It’s kind of like a brain that has absorbed lots of bits of knowledge.

When we use the Tune feature in ArtSmart we are essentially giving the AI a NEW piece of knowledge to understand.

Example: You upload 20 pictures of yourself and we train the original ArtSmart general knowledge to understand what YOU look like.

Now that the neural network understands you! It can start putting you in the context of all it’s other knowledge, like you in a world war 2 uniform.

Here’s some examples

⌨️Prompt: Josh as a world war two soldier, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, medium shot, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by Krenz Cushart and Artem Demura and alphonse mucha

The Artsmart neural network already understood what a man is, what style of clothing ww2 soldiers wore. Then we taught it what a Josh is and it easily put it all together.

Tuning is extremely powerful and Artsmart we are just scratching the surface of possibilities!

Currently you can train models to be a man or woman. We are examining further how to train objects for things like product photography.

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