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Image Upscaler


Sometimes your images are either too low quality or too small

Artsmart upscaler allows you to fix blurry images or increase image dimensions and resolution for print!

Here’s an example of an image of Angelina we found on the internet! See how the blurry and pixelated images are instantly fixed!


How to upscale

1. Log in and navigate to the Playground

2. Prepare the image you want to upscale

3. Upload your low-resolution image

💡Instead of manual upload, you can always use your previously generated image or community images available in the explorer. Here is the docs you can refer to:
Use your previously generate image
Use community images available in explorer

4. Activate the "Image Upscaler" AI tool by clicking on the double-up-arrow icon

5. Set the upscale ratio (up to 3x) and click the apply button

💡Note: it may consume more credits

more upscale = more credits

6. Wait for the result to be generated

Final Thoughts

With Image Upscaler, you can breathe new life into your low-res images, whether they are old photographs, digital artwork, or any other visual content. It provides a convenient solution for improving the visual appeal and usability of your images.

Although the process of upscaling an image is automated, it's important to note that the quality of the output can depend on various factors, including the original image resolution and complexity. It's recommended to experiment with different upscale ratios and compare the results to find the optimal enhancement for your specific image.

ArtSmart is continuously working to enhance and improve the Image Upscaler tool to deliver even better results. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experience and suggestions to help us refine the functionality and usability of the tool further.