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Documentation Pricing and Credits Credit System

Credit System

Playground Credits:

These credits are intended to be used for any work involving the generation or editing of images in the playground (and API) using any of the available AI tools. Please note that the number of credits used may vary depending on the tool you choose to use.

Playground Credit Consumption

Generally, each image costs 1 credit. However, the cost may increase depending on the settings you adjust. Please see the screenshots below for demonstrations.


As you can see in the above demo, when you drag the sliders to higher resolutions or change the number of steps, the credit consumption increases.

ℹ️The number of steps, image dimensions, number of outputs/variations, and other settings all affect the generation process, which in turn affects server costs. This is because larger images trained on more steps require more compute of a specific type of processor called a GPU and due to the sudden increase in demand for AI applications and limited supply, GPUs are expensive.

The Below table shows our credit system for Text to Image AI tools a.k.a image generations. As you increase the steps beyond 50 or make images larger than 512 x 512 you may be charged more credits.

# Number of Steps
Image Resolution≤ 5051 - 100101 - 150
512 x 512124
512 x 768124
512 x 1024126
768 x 768126
768 x 1024128
1024 x 10242410

And below is the credit system for other AI tools available.

AI ToolsCredit Cost
Upscale1 - 2
Face Enhance1
Remove Background [beta]1

Upscale credit consumption

Tune Credits:

These are credits you receive to train a Tune (neural network) on specific images of yourself, family, friends or objects.

ℹ️You can acquire Tune Credits by purchasing them through the ArtSmart Pricing Page [https://artsmart.ai/pricing#pay_as]. However, if you would like, you can also read the “pay as you go” overview for more detailed information.

For each tune you train, we will automatically generate a total of 64 images, which is equivalent to 8 prompts with 8 images each. During the creation process, You have the freedom to choose from hundreds of predefined styles, enabling you to express yourself more effectively through your AI avatars.

📌To fully utilize the options mentioned above, it is necessary to have Tune Image Credits.

Here is a quick overview of what the Tunes feature will look like. For a better understanding of what a Tune is and how it works, please refer to the tune documentation and tune guide.


Important Note: There is no limit to how many Tunes you can create, but we do limit how long the Tune model will be kept in our storage. You can find the reason for this here [https://artsmart.ai/docs/tune-storage-and-privacy/]. To keep a Tune model for a longer period, you must be on at least the Standard Plan

If you're curious about the dissimilarity between Tune Credits and Tune Image Credits, let's delve into the specifics of Tune Image Credits. The explanation can be found below, providing you with a better understanding of their purpose.

Tune Image Credits:

To generate outputs from your Tune model, you will need credits. This is what Tune Image Credits are for.

If you don't have Tune Image Credits, you won't be able to immediately obtain your AI Avatars. However, you can still continue with the Tune creation process. Rest assured, once you have purchased Tune Image Credits, you will be able to generate AI Avatars based on that model at a later time on your profile page.

💡By this point, you should already understand the distinction between Tune Credits and Tune Image Credits. Tune Credits can only be used for the Tune creation process, whereas Tune Image Credits are required to generate images (AI Avatars) from the created Tune model. So, they are different from each other yet interconnected.

To obtain Tune Image Credits, you can purchase them directly from the ArtSmart Pricing Page at [https://artsmart.ai/pricing#pay_as]. However, if you would like, you can refer to the “pay as you go” overview for more detailed information.