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Privacy FAQ’s

Are my images public or private?

In some situations, you might not want to share some of your artwork to the community in order to protect your privacy. Once you have generated image, they will available in you profile pages, in "Images" tab. By default, all generation images will be available for everyone. Here is how you can make them private:

Playground Generations:

You can easily make all your images private by toggling this switch

If your settings are set to public your generations will be viewable to the world in my profile as well as in the explorer.

If set to private only you will be able to see private images in “my profile”.

Changing between Public and Private

Go to “my profile” in the left hand menu and view the eye to see if the image is public or privatge

Hover the image which you want to make it private, click on the "eye" icon

Or you can click on the image, then just turn off "public" toggle available on the modal

Once it’s off, the image will only available for you - hidden from explore page and you public profile page

Set Images to Public or Private

Hide Playground Images from Explorer

Some users require their images to not be shared or public with the community.

Set Private to Default

We got a good amount of feedback on this so now you can click to set your default to public or private now for all your image generations.