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Profile Showcase

Inspire and Be Inspired by AI Art


The Profile Showcase is designed to highlight the unique talent and artistic expression of ArtSmart users. It offers an opportunity to curate and present your AI-generated artwork, collections, and presets in a visually appealing and organized manner.

It serves as a platform for you to explore, connect, and find inspiration through the work of fellow artists. Through your profile, you can express your artistic style, share your creative journey, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate AI-driven art.

Whether you are an aspiring artist, a seasoned professional, or simply an art enthusiast, the Profile Showcase provides an avenue to showcase your creativity and discover the artistic achievements of others.

Key Features

Artwork Display

The Profile Showcase allows you to exhibit your AI-generated artwork in a visually stunning masonry gallery format. Each image displayed represents the results of the AI generation process within ArtSmart.

Clicking on an image will open a detailed popup that provides more information about the artwork. The popup includes details such as the prompt used, the creation date, the seed, the generation mode, the amount of credits used, and the dimensions of the image.

Image Organization and Filtering

The All Images tab in the Profile Showcase not only displays your artwork but also provides convenient image organization and filtering options.


You can filter your images by tags, visibility, type, and prompts, allowing for easy navigation and discovery. Additionally, you can search for specific images by prompt, making it effortless to find images related to a particular theme or concept.


ArtSmart introduces the concept of collections, which are image groupings that serve as a flexible folder system. You can organize your images into specific categories, making them easier to find and use.

Collections can also be shared with other users, enabling them to access the images and collections you have created. This feature provides a convenient way to manage and share your artwork with others.

📎Learn more about collections here


Presets are predefined prompt templates that capture specific styles, themes, or creative directions. The Profile Showcase enables you to manage and organize your presets, making it easy for others to find and incorporate them into their creative process.

📎Learn more about presets here

Share your custom presets with the community through the Profile Showcase. By sharing your presets, you offer others the opportunity to explore and utilize your creative vision in their own AI-generated artwork.

Engagement and Interaction

The Profile Showcase encourages engagement and interaction within the ArtSmart community. While comments are not available, you can like and follow other users' profiles. This fosters a sense of appreciation and connection among artists.


In the Profile Showcase, you have the option to generate a shared link for your artwork or someone else's artwork. This feature enables you to easily share your AI creations with individuals who may not be using the ArtSmart platform.

Custom Profile Picture

As the owner of the profile, you have the ability to change your profile picture using your generated image. This personalizes your profile and allows you to showcase your unique style and visual representation.



The Profile Showcase provides a platform for artists to showcase their AI-generated artwork, share presets, and connect with a vibrant community of creative individuals.

It allows users to express their artistic vision, organize their images into collections, and find inspiration for their own artistic endeavors.

Through the Profile Showcase, users can inspire and be inspired, fostering a supportive environment for artistic growth and collaboration.