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Documentation Pricing and Credits Tier System

Tier System

⚠️This Tier System documentation is specifically tailored for Sumo-lings, our valued users who have joined us through the AppSumo platform. If you are not a Sumo-ling, we kindly ask you to refer to our separate documentation on the

Credit System , which applies to non-Sumo users.

The Tier System is designed to provide exclusive benefits to our Sumo-ling community. Read on to explore the features and advantages associated with each tier and learn how you can level up your ArtSmart journey.

Instead of mapping Sumo-lings to specific plans available in ArtSmart, we have implemented a Tier System to incorporate the benefits of AppSumo credits. This tier system operates independently of the existing ArtSmart plans outlined here.

📌You will gain access to all features that are comparable to those included in the Basic Plan. However, please note that it does not automatically enroll you in that plan. All the credits you receive from AppSumo LTD will be treated as lifetime credits and refilled on the first day of each month.

ArtSmart Tier System

You can stack multiple AppSumo code redemption, and we have implemented tier system to support this practice of code stacking. Below is a table that outlines and explains the benefits for each tier:

Number of AppSumo Codes RedeemedMapped toBenefit
1Tier 1750 Playground Credits
2Tier 21500 Playground Credits
3Tier 33000 Playground Credits 1 Tune Credits 64 Tune Image Credits
4Tier 45000 Playground Credits 2 Tune Credits 128 Tune Image Credits

Depending on your AppSumo Tier, you will receive a certain amount of credits, which are automatically refilled on the first day of each month.

To delve deeper into the three types of credits mentioned earlier, please to visit the following link for a more comprehensive understanding: [https://artsmart.ai/docs/pricing-and-credits/].

If the current Tier does not meet your credit needs, you may want to think about purchasing a recurring subscription. In this case, credits from recurring subscriptions will be added to your Appsumo Tier.

By opting for the higher recurring plan, you will gain access to all the features offered in that plan.

In case you choose to cancel your recurring subscription, rest assured that all your Appsumo credits will stay in your account, and you will continue to have access to all features that are comparable to those offered in the Basic Plan.

Feature for Tier

No matter how many codes you redeem, you will gain access to a comprehensive set of features that are comparable to those included in the Basic Plan.

📌Please note that redeeming an AppSumo code does not automatically enroll you in a specific plan. Here is the information you might need to understand why this is the case.

These features include, but are not limited to:

  • Text to Image Generate AI image based on text prompts
  • Image to Image: Inspiration Image + Text Generate AI image close to reference image
  • Image to Prompt Get a related text descriptions or prompts that capture the content or style of the image
  • Inpainting Filling in missing or damaged parts of an image with plausible content
  • Outpainting - expand borders w/ AI Extend beyond the boundaries: generate additional content that is coherent and consistent with the style and context of the original image
  • Image Upscaler Increase the size and level of detail in your images up to 3x
  • Face Enhance Enhance and improve the quality of facial details in an image
  • PoseCopycat Copy the Character Pose from another image and expect the similar pattern in the background
  • PosePerfect Manipulate a digital skeleton for absolute control over how the character should be posed with ease
  • Background Remover Automatically remove the background from an image, leaving only the foreground object or subject