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Image to Prompt


The Image to Prompt feature allows you to generate prompts from images, enabling you to create unique and inspiring content.

By extracting prompts from reference images, you can use the generated text prompts to generate new and diverse images with the desired visual elements.

How it Works

The Image to Prompt feature follows these steps:

  1. Upload Image:
  2. Prompt Extraction:

Key Features

The Image to Prompt feature offers several key features to enhance your prompt generation experience:

Creative Inspiration

By extracting prompts from images, you gain creative inspiration for generating new images. The prompts provide specific details, themes, or concepts that can spark your imagination and guide the AI model to generate visually appealing and unique artwork.

Visual Context

The extracted prompts from reference images provide important visual context for generating new images. The prompts can describe objects, scenes, colors, or other visual attributes, allowing you to create images that align with the desired visual style or theme.

Diverse Image Generation

With the Image to Prompt feature, you can generate a wide variety of images based on the extracted prompts. Each prompt provides a different set of instructions for the AI model, resulting in diverse and distinct image outputs. This allows you to explore different artistic styles and variations using the same or similar prompts.

Use Cases

The Image to Prompt feature offers a range of practical applications, including:

Learning Prompt Crafting:

The Image to Prompt feature provides detailed prompts based on the image content. By exploring the extracted prompts, you can gain insights into the components and styles of the image.

This allows you to learn how to craft effective prompts by understanding the elements that contribute to generating desirable images.

Content Generation:

Extracted prompts can be used to generate visual content for various platforms such as social media posts, blog articles, or marketing materials.

For instance, if you come across a compelling image in a search engine that contains a watermark, using Image to Prompt can be beneficial.

By extracting prompts from that image, you can generate a new image based on the extracted prompt, resulting in a unique and watermark-free visual content suitable for your business platform.

Get Started with Image to Prompt

To start using the Image to Prompt feature in ArtSmart, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your ArtSmart account and navigate to the Playground.

2. In the left panel of the Playground, locate the "Img to Img" options.

3. Upload the image from which you want to extract prompts. You can either upload a new image or choose one from your profile or the explorer.

Upload from you computer

4. Look for the green button labeled "Get Prompt" in the top left corner of the image.

5. Click the button and wait for the prompt extraction process to complete

6. The extracted prompt will appear in the prompt box located above the image.

Result prompt:

➡️ a carved wood carving of deer and trees in forest with moon the background foreground, Charles Ginner, highly intricate, woodcut, arts crafts movement

Unleash your creativity by utilizing the power of image prompts extracted with Image to Prompt feature. Start exploring and generating captivating and diverse images today!

Feel free to experiment, create, and let your imagination run wild with Image to Prompt feature!