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Legal and Commercial

Legal and Commercial

Do we have Commercial Rights?


You have 100% commercial rights (ownership) - you can use generated images anywhere.

Monetizing celebrities public figures and other notable fictional characters that are the creation of others could get you in trouble.

Creating realistic images with the intent to deceive others that a fictional event took place that didn’t occur in reality could result in defamation (aka hurting someones reputation). Honestly though the models are not exactly capable of producing deep fake images so not much to worry about here YET. The models do improve quickly.

However you free to meme for non monetary purpose.

For an in depth view please see OpenRAIL-M license

OpenRail-M License for Stable Diffusion Models

Artists and Royalties for the Training Data

We're using models from stable diffusion under the openrail-m license.

This is an area of big debate right now. Some bright minds will sort through the legal frameworks and ethics in the upcoming year or two I'm sure. Currently not a lot of legality exists considering how new the space is. We have every intention of complying with the regulation as it evolves.

If you’re very concerned about this issue, I think this video explains the current state of affairs better than I possibly can!

Got further insight into the AI art copyright debate that we’re not aware of? Please contact us at cs@artsmart.ai

Update: 2/27/2023

News on opt out and ideas for crawling adding non crawlable data to feed machine learning models in robots.txt

A few things to be aware of

Currently there is no regulation for AI generated imagery given the technology is so new.

It is being legally debated at the moment. My personal view is that the US courts will ultimately decide not to stifle innovation. If you'd like to heir on the side of caution I think a conservative approach is to avoid using these kind of technologies for commercial purposes until there is clear regulation in place.

If any regulation emerges Artsmart.ai will of course comply completely and I will continue to evolve the docs as the debate brings up new points to keep the community in the know.