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2 second image generation:

Enhancement :

  • Optimized Image Generation: Experience ultra-fast image outputs - now down to just 2 seconds! Read more on our blog.


Background Remover [BETA]

Introducing a new feature that allows you to remove backgrounds from images.

Background Remover feature is currently in the beta testing phase.


New Generation Modes: Realistic and Photo Realistic

Experience enhanced generation capabilities with two new modes - Realistic and Photo Realistic. These modes aim to provide more authentic and lifelike outputs.

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The Realistic Mode bridges the gap between Semi Realistic and Hyper Realistic

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Photo Realistic

Photo Realistic Mode specializes in generating AI images that closely resemble real photographs


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Outpainting [BETA]

Explore the Outpainting feature, which enables you to generate additional content beyond the boundaries of your input image.

This feature is currently in the beta testing phase. Learn more: Outpainting - expand borders w/ AI


ArtSmart Beta Tester Program

Join Beta Tester Program and get early access to new features and improvements.

Help us refine and shape the future of the application through your valuable feedback.


New Prompt Style: Camera Setup and Time & Weather

Enhancing the prompt system, a new prompt style has been added - Camera Setup and Time & Weather.

Use this style to provide more specific context and instructions for generating your desired outputs. Here is the docs:

Prompt Style: Camera Setup

Prompt Style: Time & Weather


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Pose Control

  • Added: Pose Control now integrates seamlessly with the ArtSmart.ai platform, providing users with unprecedented control over their digital art creations.
  • Improved: Enhanced precision in replicating compositions or human poses from a reference image.
  • Fixed: Resolved minor bugs and improved overall stability of the extension.

Pose Copycat

Added: Introduced Pose Copycat, a powerful sub-feature of Pose Control that allows users to clone poses from a reference image.
Improved: Enhanced user interface for easier navigation and selection of reference images from the Catalog tab.
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Pose Perfect

Added: Launched Pose Perfect, a new sub-feature of Pose Control that offers users the ability to control the pose of characters from a skeleton like character rigging.
Improved: Upgraded the editor panel for better control over character poses.
Fixed: Fixed bugs related to the generation of artwork based on specified character poses.
Please note that this is a general changelog and might need to be adjusted based on the specific updates and improvements made to each feature.

We’d love your feedback on this feature in discord! discord channel


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Introducing Collections and Enhanced Image Management on ArtSmart.ai! We've made it easier than ever to organize your AI-generated images with our new Collections feature, advanced tagging system, bulk actions, and improved privacy controls. Visit your "My Profile" section to experience seamless organization and find your images faster. Check out our Image Organization Guide for a complete walk-through. Happy organizing!


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Extended Tune Storage

Tune storage is live! Now you can hold your tunes (no need to recreate them) for as long as your subscription is active!


Added delete single image or entire collection functionality.


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Image to Text

Updated api to allow for Image to Text

Added Image to prompt in image uploader

Now you can upload an ai will output a prompt for the image. This is useful when you have a visual style that you don’t know what to call!


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Tunes Overview

Overview video of Tunes, looks like we need an explainer.


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Improved NSFW

Added a layer to NSFW (not safe for work) filters to avoid explicit content production.

This is a balancing act between too much censorship and ethics .. we’ll continue to refine!


🎆 Big update! Hyper Realistic Beta is Here

Hyper Realistic (beta)

This mode is trained on top of Standard Mode to look like real world photography

Prompt: “Woman on a beach portrait”

The most upvoted feature in the last week has been Hyper Realistic image generation.

We’re excited to announce the Beta Release of hyperrealistic image generation.

Given the appsumo campaign we thought this would be a great time to get some feedback on this new mode!

How to Use it

📍From playground

Go to playground and change the mode to “hyper realistic”and enter your prompts

📍From New Apps Page

Go to App and select “hyper realistic” app

You’ll jump straight into playground with the right settings.

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AI Apps Pages

here’s a lot of functionality at Artsmart and it can be overwhelming at the beginning of your journey to sort through it all.

We created the apps page to make use cases more obvious and give the ability to easily hop into various parts of the app with pre-made settings!

Tunes Styles

Figuring out good prompts for your tunes can be difficult.

We added a few prompt templates, we’re calling these tune styles to help you one click build your prompts.

We added one part-time person to continuously research and add prompt styles for tunes sooo 👁️ keep an eye 👁️ out for fun new styles 👨‍🎨.


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Hide Playground Images from Explorer

Some users require their images to not be shared or public with the community.

We got a good amount of feedback on this so now you can click to set your default to public or private now for all your image generations.


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Image Variations: Seeds

Added seed so you can create variations of the same image

Quick tutorial:

It’s in the left flyout menu in playground under the advanced settings

Thanks to bhagsy for this one


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Made Download Obvious

Got a lot of questions how to download images so we made the download button more obvious


Updated credit system to make larger images cheaper

old credit system didn’t allow enough practical usage

New Credit System

!!! updated credit system expanded for more usage !!!




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Semi-Realistic Mode

Added modes - this switches between various neural networks to adjust the realism of the photo.