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Documentation Tips, Tricks and Tutorials People Stock Photos w/ white background

People Stock Photos w/ white background

AI Generated → White Background Stock Photography


We got an interesting message other day from an artsmart user!

Question: Is there any way to generate AI stock photos like this with models?

Build a Stock Spokesperson from Scratch with Variations

Set Mode to Hyper Realistic


Input your prompt

Here’s the one tevi used


inspired, smilling woman, full shot of the body giving us a playlook, wearing casual dress and jeans, very selling face, his hand pointed to the product, show foots, the most beautiful faces in the world, various races of beings, newyork, beautiful fantasy creatures, medium format, fuji superia 400, iso 400, cinematic, photorealistic, surrealistic, details, 8k

Set Seed in Advanced Settings

He did this so he could adjust the prompt to get something similiar to all further images

Clicked Show Advance Options

Picked a random seed #

You’ll be able to generate the exact same image if you use this seed!


Click Generate!

Output Image

Remove the Background

Next he removed the background!

ArtSmart offers a powerful tool called the

Background Remover

that allows you to easily remove backgrounds from your images.

Generate Variations

If you like this image you can set go back and adjust the seed to random.

Now you’ll get random variations on the same image when you generation

Build a Spokesperson from Image

[coming soon]

Another option is to inspire the output from existing images. The helps to create similiar poses to the image you are using.

We’ll be using the image to image feature for this one!

Image to Image: Inspiration Image + Text