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No matter how good your prompt and model are, it is rare to get a perfect image in one shot.


Inpainting is a powerful feature in ArtSmart that enables image restoration and manipulation by intelligently filling in missing or unwanted regions of an image.

Whether you want to add objects, remove objects, or change and fix objects within an image, inpainting provides a seamless solution for achieving your desired results.

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How Inpainting Works

Inpainting utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze the content of an image and generate plausible replacements for missing or unwanted regions. By understanding the surrounding context, the AI model can intelligently fill in the gaps and seamlessly blend the inpainted areas with the rest of the image.

In ArtSmart's Playground interface, you can easily access and utilize the inpainting feature to restore and manipulate images. With a few simple steps, you can achieve remarkable transformations with your images.

Use Cases

Inpainting offers a wide range of use cases, allowing you to enhance, alter, and refine your images.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of inpainting. The flexibility and versatility of the feature allow for creative and customized use cases.

Here are some common applications of inpainting:

Add Objects

Inpainting enables you to add objects to an image, seamlessly integrating them into the existing scene. Whether you want to insert new elements or enhance the composition, inpainting can help you achieve a cohesive result. With careful selection and positioning, you can effortlessly incorporate new objects into your images

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Remove Objects

Unwanted objects or distractions within an image can diminish its overall impact. Inpainting provides an effective solution for removing such elements while maintaining the integrity of the image.

By carefully selecting the areas to be removed, the AI model can intelligently inpaint the missing regions, resulting in a visually pleasing image free from unwanted distractions

📌to remove, you don’t need a prompt

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Change, Replace, and Fix Objects

Inpainting allows you to change, replace, or fix objects within an image. Whether you want to alter the appearance of an object, replace it with a different element, or fix imperfections, inpainting provides a flexible and accurate solution.

By selecting the target regions and providing appropriate prompts, you can guide the AI model to generate the desired changes, resulting in a visually enhanced and refined image.

Use case: change dress

Angelina Jolie

Use case: change emotion

This can take a few times

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Restore Old or Damaged Photos

Inpainting can be particularly useful in restoring old or damaged photos. By filling in missing parts, repairing tears or scratches, and restoring faded areas, you can breathe new life into treasured memories.

Inpainting leverages its understanding of image context to reconstruct missing details and seamlessly blend them with the existing image, resulting in a restored and visually appealing photograph.

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Accessing Inpainting

You can locate it in the Playground by navigating to the top menu over the main canvas. Simply click on the In-painting icon, and you will find a brush and a field where you can enter the In-painting prompt.

To begin using this feature, you have two options. You can either upload your image by clicking on the "Upload file" icon next to the In-painting icon, or

  1. You can generate a new image using Text to Image
  2. Load your previously generated image by using My Images
  3. Get Inspiration With Explorer and use one of the image from the community

Once your image is ready, select the specific area that requires modification using the brush.

Add the in-painting prompt to the field, and click on the “Apply” button to initiate the in-painting process.