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Pose Perfect is a sub-feature of Pose Control in the ArtSmart.ai platform. It offers users the ability to control the pose of characters in their digital art creations with a skeleton like character rigging.

Key Features

  1. Character Control: Pose Perfect allows users to dictate the pose of characters in their artwork with a in app draggable character rigging to enhance the precision of their creations.
  2. Integration with ArtSmart.ai: Pose Perfect is accessible through the ArtSmart.ai playground, providing a user-friendly interface for this advanced feature.

How to Use Pose Perfect

  1. Access Pose Perfect: Open the ArtSmart.ai playground. In the Control tab, select 'Pose from Image Control' from the dropdown menu.
  2. Set Character Pose: An editor panel will appear below. Here, you can set the pose of the character in your artwork. For example, you might want the character to appear from the waist up.
  3. Set Artwork Parameters: Fill in the main prompt box with the desired pose and character. For example, you might use "Nicole Scherzinger posing the same way as the character control" as a prompt to generate an image.
  4. Generate Artwork: Once all settings are in place, click the 'Generate' button to create your artwork. Pose Perfect will use your settings to create an image that aligns with your prompt and skeleton.


Pose Perfect is a valuable tool for digital artists seeking to control the pose of characters in their artwork. By offering the ability to dictate character poses, Pose Perfect enhances the precision and realism of digital art creation on the ArtSmart.ai platform.