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Pose Copycat is a powerful sub-feature of Pose Control in the ArtSmart.ai platform. It allows users to copy the pose and composition of a character from a reference image, enhancing the precision and realism of their digital art creations.

Key Features

  1. Pose Cloning: Pose Copycat enables users to select an image and clone the pose for use in their own artwork.
  2. Integration with ArtSmart.ai Playground: Pose Copycat is accessible through the ArtSmart.ai Playground app, providing a user-friendly interface for this advanced feature.

How to Use Pose Copycat

  1. Access Pose Copycat: Open the ArtSmart.ai Playground app. In the right-hand panel, open the Control tab and select Image Control Clone.
  2. Select a Reference Image: Navigate to the Catalog tab and browse through the available options to find the desired image to use for the cloning process.
  3. Set Artwork Parameters: Move to the left panel and select a model - for example 'Hyper Realistic' in the dropdown. Fill in the prompt provided below. For example, you might use "a high-quality photo of Megan Fox" as a prompt to generate an image.
  4. Set Image Orientation: Ensure the image size is set to match the orientation of your selected image. For instance, if your selected image is in portrait orientation, set the image size to Portrait.
  5. Generate Artwork: Once all settings are in place, click the blue button below to generate your creative image.


Pose Copycat is a valuable tool for digital artists seeking to replicate specific poses or compositions in their artwork. By offering the ability to clone poses from a reference image, Pose Copycat enhances the precision and realism of digital art creation on the ArtSmart.ai platform. Try Pose Copycat today and experience the difference it can make in your creative process.