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A Gateway to Artistic Brilliance


🎉 Welcome to the fascinating world of prompts in ArtSmart!

As an AI-powered artistic tool, ArtSmart empowers you to create stunning and imaginative artwork with the help of prompts. Prompts serve as a starting point or inspiration for your artistic journey, guiding the AI model to generate unique and captivating visuals.

They can be a short sentence, a few keywords, or even a complete description of the desired image. The AI model interprets and generates visuals based on the information provided in the prompt.

Prompts provide a valuable resource to fuel your imagination and elevate your AI artistry. By using prompts effectively, you can provide clear guidance to the AI model and inspire the creation of captivating and unique artwork.

Let's dive in and discover how the thoughtful use of prompts can spark your artistic brilliance and lead you to exciting new artistic horizons.

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Negative Prompt

Negative prompts are an approach used to guide the AI model in generating more accurate and desirable images.

📌 Unlike regular prompts that describe what you want in the generated image, negative prompts focus on expressing what you don't want.

By specifying aspects to avoid, you can refine the AI's understanding of your creative vision and achieve more precise and satisfying results.

When crafting negative prompts, it's important to use them wisely. Negative prompts are a powerful tool but should be used judiciously.

Striking a balance is crucial to avoid overly restrictive negative prompts that may hinder the AI's creativity or limit the range of possible outcomes.

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Example Usage

Let's consider an example where you want to generate an image of a cityscape without skyscrapers.

In this case, you can provide a negative prompt such as "skyscrapers" or "tall buildings" to guide the AI model in avoiding the inclusion of these elements in the generated image.

Prompt-Driven AI Tools

Prompts play a vital role in various AI tools within the ArtSmart platform. These AI tools require prompts to generate specific and desired outputs. Here are some of the AI tools that utilize prompts:

  1. Text to Image
    Text to Image uses prompts to generate images based on textual descriptions. By providing a prompt, you can guide the AI model in creating an image that aligns with the given text.
  2. Inpainting
    Inpainting utilizes prompts to describe what object should replace a specific part of an image. In combination with negative prompts, Inpainting can also be used to remove certain objects from an image.
    By specifying the prompt, you can direct the AI model in filling in missing or unwanted areas in the image.
  3. Outpainting - expand borders w/ AI
    Outpainting heavily relies on prompts as it involves extending or crafting a wider image based on the provided prompt. By using prompts, you can guide the AI model in generating an image that expands beyond the original content.
  4. Image to Image: Inspiration Image + Text
    Image to Image transformations also require prompts to guide the AI model in generating a new image while incorporating aspects from a reference image.
    For example, by providing a prompt such as "dog" along with a reference image of a cat in a park, the AI model can generate an image that resembles the reference image but with a dog instead of a cat.
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Crafting a Good Prompt

Crafting a good prompt requires attention to detail and clarity. Here are some tips to consider when creating your prompts:

  1. Be specific: Provide clear details about the style, subject, or mood you want to convey in the artwork.
  2. Use descriptive language: Paint a vivid picture with words to convey your desired artistic outcome.
  3. Experiment with Variations: Discover the power of prompt designer as your invaluable companion in crafting high-quality prompts. With its wide range of prompt styles, presets, and inspiration, Prompt Designer: Elevate Your AI Artistry empowers you to tailor your prompts to perfection.
  4. Iterate and refine: Don't hesitate to iterate and refine your prompts based on the generated results, experimenting with different phrasings and approaches.
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Prompt: No No's

While prompts are a gateway to creativity, it's important to be mindful of certain limitations and ethical considerations.

📌 Avoid using prompts that promote or endorse harmful, offensive, or inappropriate content.

ArtSmart maintains a strict policy against generating explicit or offensive material. We encourage responsible and respectful use of prompts to foster a positive artistic environment.

If you have any questions or need further guidance on what constitutes appropriate prompts, please refer to our documentation on

NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Guidelines

It provides detailed information on the guidelines and rules regarding the generation of safe and respectful AI-generated artwork.

Remember, by adhering to these guidelines, we can create a supportive and inclusive community that appreciates and celebrates art in its diverse forms.

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Prompt Designer

Is a powerful tool that empowers you to create customized prompts with ease. It provides a user-friendly interface to input your desired elements, adjust settings, and preview the potential outcomes.

With the Prompt Designer, you can fine-tune your prompts and achieve the desired artistic results. For more detailed information about using the Prompt Designer, please refer to the dedicated documentation:

Prompt Designer: Elevate Your AI Artistry

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Prompts are the key to unlocking your artistic brilliance with AI-generated artwork. By carefully crafting your prompts, avoiding bad word phrasing, and utilizing tools like the Prompt Designer, you can guide the AI model to create stunning visuals that align with your vision.

Remember to maintain a respectful and responsible approach in utilizing prompts, embracing the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

We are excited to see the incredible artwork you create with the help of prompts.

Happy generating!