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Prompt Style: Painting Style


This prompt style allows you to evoke specific painting styles or techniques in the generated images. With this prompt style, you can infuse your prompts with the essence of various painting styles, creating images that reflect different artistic approaches and aesthetics.

Let’s explore the various painting styles available in the "Painting Style" prompt designer. In this demonstration, we will use the exact same base prompt and apply different painting styles to provide a fair comparison between each style.

Here is the settings:


The "Cartoon" style generates images that resemble animated or comic book illustrations. Use this prompt style to create playful and vibrant cartoon-style images.


The "Illustration" style produces images with a focus on detailed and stylized artwork. This prompt style is suitable for creating visually captivating and expressive illustrations.


The "Realistic" style aims to generate images that closely resemble real-life objects or scenes. Utilize this prompt style to create AI-generated images with a high level of realism and accuracy.

Hyper Realistic

The "Hyper Realistic" style takes realism to the next level, generating images that exhibit an extremely detailed and lifelike appearance. This prompt style is perfect for creating images that mimic photographic quality.


The "Acrylic" style emulates the characteristics of paintings created with acrylic paints. Use this prompt style to generate images that resemble the texture and vibrant colors typically associated with acrylic paintings.

Pencil Drawing

The "Pencil Drawing" style focuses on creating images that resemble sketches or drawings made with pencil. This prompt style is ideal for generating black-and-white or grayscale images with a hand-drawn feel.

Digital Painting

The "Digital Painting" style simulates the appearance of images created using digital painting techniques. This prompt style allows you to generate images with a wide range of styles and effects, giving you the flexibility to experiment with digital art aesthetics.