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My Images


ArtSmart automatically saves all your generated images to create a gallery and history of your renders. While you can find all your previously generated images in the Profile Showcase page, ArtSmart also provides the "My Images" feature for easy access to your own artwork directly within the Playground page.

How to Use

To access and utilize the "My Images" feature, follow these steps:

1. Open the Playground interface.

2. Navigate to the Prompt Designer panel.

3. In the Inspiration section, click on "My Images"

4. Browse through the images available in the "My Images" panel

5. Select an image based on your desired use case and hover over it. Actions available:

Click the edit icon to load the image onto the canvas and the prompts into the prompt box. You can then perform post-processing on the image.

💡 Click the bulb icon to load the image as an inspiration image for your image-to-image generation.

ℹ️ Click on the "ℹ️ Prompts" button to load the prompt into the prompt box, allowing you to make further adjustments.

Use Cases

The "My Images" feature is useful for various AI creative tasks, allowing you to work with your previously generated images.

Here are some use cases:

Find Your Previous Artwork

With "My Images," you can easily browse through your images and prompts without needing to navigate to your Profile page. This streamlined process enables you to quickly find and reuse your previous artwork within the Playground

Use Previous Artwork to Inspire New Artwork

One of the key actions facilitated by "My Images" is the ability to load your previous images as reference images for image-to-image generation.

Here's a simple way to use your image for image-to-image generation:

1. Hover over the image you want to use

2. Click on the bulb icon located on the right side of the thumbnail or directly on the hovered thumbnail

3. The selected image will be loaded into the "IMG TO IMG" section

4. Set up your prompts and adjust the image weight setting for image-to-image generation

5. Generate your new artwork

💡 For a complete guide on image-to-image generation, refer to the Image to Image: Inspiration Image + Text documentation.

Edit Your Artwork

You can utilize basic editing features and AI post-processing tools to enhance your artwork. To begin editing, you need to load your image onto the canvas.

Here's how:

1. Hover over the image you want to edit

2. Click on the edit icon located on the right side of the thumbnail

3. The image will be loaded onto the canvas, and the associated prompts will be loaded into the prompt box

4. Utilize post-processing AI tools such as inpainting, image upscaling, face enhancement, and background removal to enhance your image. For more information on these tools, refer to the following documentation:


The "My Images" feature in provides a convenient way to access and utilize your own generated images directly within the Playground.

Whether you want to find previous artwork, use it as inspiration for new creations, or apply editing and post-processing, "My Images" enhances your AI creative workflow and simplifies the reuse of your artwork.